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Grafoil Die-formed Seal Rings

Grafoil Die-formed Seal Rings provide reliable, cost-effective sealing in high temperature environments.

Grafoil Die-formed Seal Rings


V3819-75 Hifluor"! is recommended where a highly chemical resistant O-ring seal material is needed. Service in nearly all chemical environments is generally possible. V3819-75 has very broad chemical compatibility - ranging from polar solvents to acids and bases. V3819-75 is capable of withstanding continuous temperatures as high as 260℃ (500°F).

Potential Customers:

Valve manufacturers, pump manufacturers, power generation plants including nuclear and petrochemical facilities, and any OEM that requires high-temperature seals.

Design Requirements:

High-temperature systems require sealing performance that elastomer seals cannot provide. Metal seals can offer a solution, but design constraints such as expensive gland surface finishes and high clamping-force requirements often eliminate metal seals from consideration. Grafoil° die-formed seals offer a performance-proven sealing alternative for those applications where metal seals or traditional elastomers cannot provide a cost-effective answer to the sealing problem.

The Grafoil Solution:

Grafoil° die-formed seals are efficient and economical high-temperature seals. They are resilient, can be configured to many shapes and sizes, and require less mechanical loading than metal seals.
For high-temperature sealing where design requirements and cost considerations invalidate metal seals, Grafoil° die-formed seals are a cost effective sealing solution.
    Key Features
  • High-temperature capability (400° to 1600° F)*
  • Lower clamping force required to effect seal
  • Easy to conform into circular shapes
  • Can be formed with metal for added strength
  • Compatible with most fluid media
  • Methylene Chloride
  • Economical and safe asbestos replacement
  • Design and engineering assistance available
  • Certain sizes available without tooling cost
* Depending upon application and material
When the Heat’s on, Grafoil® Seal Rings Deliver!
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