Parker O-Ring Kits and Accessories

Upgrading or repairing hydraulic and pneumatic components often require replacing O-ring seals. Sometimes, product manufacturers find it difficult to get the right O-ring sizes that meet their requirements. They may either wait a long time to get it delivered to their doorsteps, or they may experience problems due to unavailability of the right size. Hence, if you are a manufacturer or an equipment renovator working with O-rings on a daily basis, it is must that you keep a general set of O-rings ready accessible.

Valley Seal – Providing Parker O-Ring Kits for General Applications

At Valley Seal, we offer three different O-ring kits ideal for general applications. The kits contains 20-35 O-rings in popular sizes for a wide range of applications.

The O-ring kits are available in the following models:


  • AS 568 Kit #1 Size List – Contains 30 numbers of general purpose O-rings.
  • AS 568 Kit #1 Size List (Boss Seal Kit) – Contains 20 standard tube fitting seals in popular sizes.
  • AS 568 Kit #1 Size List (Metric Kit) – Contains 32 most commonly used and general purpose O-rings.

Apart from the standard kits, we offer custom designed O-ring kits to users’ specifications. We can either design a kit from scratch, or we can take specifications provided by the client to manufacture it. We have 200 plus components readily accessible to produce O-rings that serve our customers’ application requirements.


When working with O-rings, you would require some add-ons to ease the sealing process and enhance the sealing capability. We offer a range of accessories that support the sealing process. These include:

  • Extraction Tools – This tool helps in installing or removing seals easily from application areas. Available in brass or plastics, these double ended tools simplify your sealing procedure.
  • Lubricants and Greases – We offer O-Lube and Super-O-Lube that offer excellent lubrication to sealing. O-Lube is a barium based petroleum grease, whereas, Super-O-Lube is a silicone lubricant. Both these lubricants help extend the service life of O-rings, whilst providing outstanding surface adherence. They are available in a wide range of packaging sizes. Each lubricant possesses specific characteristics. Hence, it must be chosen after analyzing the application areas, temperature ranges, and materials used in the seal manufacturing process.
  • Sizing Cone – We also offer O-ring sizing cones to get information regarding the sizing of O-rings.

The aforementioned O-ring kits and accessories simplify the job of those who are frequently working with O-ring seals. At Valley Seal, we help you choose the right kit and accessory that will serve your purpose completely.

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