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Industrial Applications of Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic applications are often strenuous and demanding in nature. The soft, non-metallic hydraulic seals are essential in carrying out these applications with ease and efficiency. These seals are available in 4 different types: Hydraulic Rod Seals Hydraulic Piston Seals Hydraulic Wiper Seals O-Ring Seals Applications of various hydraulic seals: Rod seals are used for mobile […]

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What are the Features and Applications of Pneumatic Seals

Industrial applications that include reciprocating and rotary motions require the use of pneumatic cylinders and valves. These cylinders/ valves need specialized pneumatic seals in order to function properly. Known for considerably lower friction than rubber and higher durability, these seals are used across various commercial applications. Certain composite seals (made of two or more different […]

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Using Different Types of Hydraulic Seals for industrial Applications

Hydraulic seals, also known as elastomer seals, are crucial components in different types of machinery. They are known for their high sealing ability in oil and pressure systems. Commonly used materials in the manufacturing of hydraulic seals include PTFE, polyurethane, silicone, and rubber. However, there are other materials such as nitrile, fluorocarbon, and propylene that […]

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