3 Visual Inspections for Performance Evaluation of Your Hydraulic Cylinder

If the performance of your hydraulic cylinder has been dipping, it is important to check it for any physical defects. Some visual tests can help you ascertain the real problem. The results of the tests can help you gauge whether you need to replace or simply repair your hydraulic cylinder.

3 Quick Tests of Your Hydraulic Cylinder Can Help Mitigate Risk

The following tests can help you check for a problem and rectify it before it becomes a blunder:

  1. Problem: You spot a leak in your cylinder.
    Solution: If the hydraulic seals of cylinder rod are worn out, hydraulic fluid will leak out of the cylinder. Changing this seal will help you get the cylinder back in working condition.
    Consider: The hydraulic seals will wear out faster than usual if they are not installed properly. The problem could also lie in misaligned mountings, or ones that show signs of wear.
  2. Problem: The piston rod is bent.
    Solution: If the piston rod is scored or pitted, it will need to be serviced. In some cases, it might be more economical to replace the piston rod.
    Consider: Why did the piston rod bend in the first place? Is it because it is unable to handle the load? Maybe the load and the cylinder are not in alignment. Several reasons could cause this problem. It is important to analyze the root cause closely to keep it from reoccurring.
  3. Problem: The mountings are in dilapidated working condition. Two main types of mountings are available, viz. fixed and pivot. The following are the common problems that occur with these mountings:
    i. Fixed Mountings
    With time a common problem occurs, where the mountings’ surfaces move against each other. In addition, the bolts of these mountings loosen over a service period.
    ii. Pivot Mountings
    Over a period of time, these mountings could show visible signs of wear. Additionally, they need to be lubricated regularly. Otherwise, they could pose several functional problems, affecting the performance of other parts.
    Solution: Worn mountings need to be repaired or replaced.
    Consider: Regular maintenance is the key to making sure these mountings and other related components perform optimally.

These problems can be rectified easily. In case of any major problems, it is imperative that a professional technician is contacted. Complex system issues can be handled easily and efficiently, if a professional is on the job at the right time. The key to effective maintenance processes is a preemptive strike using the right tools and knowledge.

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