Understanding Sealing Elements & How to Select Them Appropriately

Sealing elements are used in hydraulic applications. The type of sealing element used will determine the functionality and service life of the application. The material of the sealing element is also chosen accordingly. The sealing element to be used is decided depending on the type of hydraulic piston seal and requirements of the application. They […]

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Importance of Using Rotary Shaft Seals in High Speed Motion Applications

Rotary shaft seals have proven to be the best seals for high speed motion. Various materials like PTFE and single and double lipped elastomers are used to produce rotary shaft seals. The materials used allow the seals to be used in various demanding applications. They can be used in conjunction with corrosive materials as well. […]

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Types of Elastomers Used in Custom Molded Rubber Products Manufacturing

Custom molded rubber products such as grommets, seals, bushings, bellows, boots, vibration mounts, gaskets, and washers are essential for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Produced mainly from compression, injection, and extrusion molding techniques, these rubber parts are available in several sizes, colors, and shapes. What are these significant rubber products made from? […]

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Why Metal Seals are Preferred for Applications in Harsh Industrial Environments?

To perform unfailingly in industrial environments consist of high-pressure, high temperature, harsh chemicals, and radiation, durable and firm seals are required. Elastomeric and polymer seals are not preferred as they fail to provide superior performance in such aggressive industrial environments. So, which is the most cost-effective and reliable solution available to obtain the highest level […]

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About Parker O-ring Seal 2 Series Kits

Be it an automobile manufacturing, fluid engineering, or refrigeration and air conditioning facility, there is a necessity for the right O-ring seals for executing repair as well as assembly jobs. Searching for the right O-ring seal at the crucial times of repair or assembly results in costly downtimes, which in turn slows down the entire […]

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4 Major Reasons for Hydraulic Seals Failure

Hydraulic seals are used in varied industry applications to achieve optimum equipment performance, reduced leakage, low friction operation, and an extensive service life. However, if a seal is not designed for a specific application, it can result in seal failure. This will lead to equipment problems and costly downtime. Such issues can be prevented if […]

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What are Lathe-cut Seals

Lathe-cut seals are circular sealing devices available in a diverse combination of polymers, sizes, and colors. Rubber tubes are the basic material used in producing lathe seals in desired thicknesses and specifications. These rubber tubes are manufactured either by injection or compression molding, extrusion with continuous vulcanization, or extrusion with steam cure vulcanization. This type […]

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Custom Molded Rubber Components for Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturing industry requires a broad range of custom molded rubber components for producing specialized and precision medical devices. These rubber components are inevitable for manufacturing devices ranging from blood pumping machines to surgical instruments. These components are produced using compression, injection, and transfer molding techniques. Custom molded rubber parts withstand the daily […]

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How to Nullify Human Error When Choosing & Installing Seals

Correct installation of pneumatic seals is of prime importance. Improper installation can be costly in terms of loss of process and/ or labor productivity. The downtime associated with incorrect product selection or installation is quite high. The bigger concern here is that the machine could malfunction under such conditions. This could be a negative factor […]

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Why are Custom Molded Rubber Components Used in Rugged Settings

Custom molded rubber components are used in several day-to-day activities, as well as in medical, automotive, and chemical industries. They exhibit several remarkable properties such as resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and extreme temperatures and pressures. Therefore, rubber is the preferred material when used in industrial settings. Reasons Why Custom Molded Rubber Components are Used in […]

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