Important Tips When Installing an O-Ring

Proper installation of an O-Ring will provide the perfect fit and sealing. The manner of installation is crucial to the functioning of the application. It also increases the longevity of the application.

Installing an O-Ring

When installing an O-ring into a male gland, the O-ring has to be glided along the shaft. Once it reaches the gland, it snaps in place. Although this process sounds extremely simple, some steps have to be taken to ensure that it does not tear or get damaged.

Tips for Better Installation of O-Rings

The following steps should help in installing an O-ring correctly and saving time as well:

  1. The shaft consists of threading, which could tear the rubber seal. Covering and lubricating the threads will provide ease of passage. You can cover the threads using some masking tape.
  2. You must avoid forcing the O-ring over sharp corners as well. Jagged or sharp features could tear the O-ring. These tears might sometimes not be noticeable. Thus, it is important to avoid it altogether.
  3. When stretching the O-ring around the shaft, stretch it evenly. Do not pull from one side. Make sure that you stretch the O-ring as little as possible. This will provide a tighter grip and added security.
  4. When installing an O-ring, do not roll it down the shaft. Instead, slide it down. A rolled or spiral wound O-ring cannot be properly installed, and will not function optimally and can result in damage. You can apply some lubricant to the O-ring as well to keep it from rolling.
  5. When installing the rest of the assembly, it is important to place the female component in a way so that it has a radius around the corner. The lead of this component should be inside the chamfer. This process guarantees the safety of the O-ring.

Since O-rings are used to provide secure sealing when two parts are assembled, it is important that they perform optimally. For this purpose, proper installation is necessary. The installation process when performed correctly is capable of increasing the service life of the component as well as the application.

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