Guidelines to Storing PTFE Backup Rings

Generally, many polymer products are stored for a long period of time in warehouses or factories before they are used in applications. The same is the case of PTFE backup rings.

Many times, these products are stored haphazardly, leading to softening, hardening, cracking, and deforming of the rings. Hence, it is essential that PTFE rings be properly stored until they are used in applications.

This blog provides certain guidelines to store PTFE back up rings safely, without affecting their attributes, performance, and durability.

PTFE Backup Ring Storage Guidelines

Consider the following when storing PTFE backup rings.

  • Enclose the rings in sealed envelopes. This helps protect the rings from ingress of moisture. Even a minimal amount of moisture content could damage the rings. Hence, the packaging must be carried out in a room where relative humidity is less than 75%.
  • The rings must be stored away from sources of heat like industrial ovens and boilers. Exposure to excessive heat could deform the rings. Preferably, store the product in an environment where the temperature is below +25 °C (+77 °F).
  • PTFE backup rings must be stored away from direct sunlight or other sources of light having ultra violet content. If you are storing the rings in a room that is exposed to intense daylight, then consider covering the windows with an orange or red screen.
  • Ensure that the packaging is not exposed to radiation. Exposure to ionizing radiation could harm the product.
  • Make sure that the storage room is free from any kind of high voltage electrical equipment capable of generating ozone. It has been found that exposure to ozone could deteriorate the backup rings.
  • Make sure that you store the rings in a strain-free condition. They must not be exposed to compressive stresses, which may harm the product.
  • They should not come in contact with liquids materials like cleaning agents, petrol, and lubricating oils.
  • Store the rings away from metals like copper and manganese. These metals could harm PTFE backup rings.
  • Generally, dusting powder is used to prevent adhesion when packaging rubber products. However, when using dusting powder, ensure that they are free from constituents that deteriorate the rings.
  • Conduct periodic inspection. Check each of the stored items for the following:
    • Creases or flats
    • Cuts, tears, and abraded areas
    • Surface cracking
    • Hardening or softening

When it comes to storing PTFE back up rings, the aforementioned guidelines must be considered. Although these points seem basic, they help you maintain quality and durability of PTFE rings even after long periods of inactivity.

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