An Overview of Mil-G-83528 Conductive Elastomers

Mil-G-83528 is a category of highly conductive elastomers that is extensively used across consumer, telecommunications, automotive, and medical industries. This type of conductive elastomers is known for its exceptional heat stability and shielding properties, among many others. Owing to its superior attributes, it has become the perfect choice for applications demanding both environmental and EMI shielding.

Mil-G-83528 Conductive Elastomers

Features of Mil-G-83528 Conductive Elastomer

  • Maintain electrical properties consistently even when exposed to high temperatures (up to 200 °C).
  • Compatible with applications containing solvents, lubricating oils, jet-fuels, and other harsh hydrocarbon solutions.
  • Chemically inert, hence can resist corrosive environments.
  • Moisture resistant, making it the perfect choice for medical industry applications requiring frequent wash-downs.
  • Available in die-cut or molded shapes and sizes.
  • Exceptional flame resistant properties. This makes it the most suitable choice for applications for the military and aerospace industries.
  • Excellent resistance to compression over a wide temperature range, resulting in providing long years of service.
  • High strength and hardness.
  • Excellent sealing properties even at temperature extremes.

A Note on Storing Mil-G-83528 Elastomer

Usually, manufacturers produce these items in bulk and store them in their warehouses until they get orders for the same. However, many times, manufacturers store these items carelessly. This could affect the overall quality and performance of the product. Hence, it is essential to store these products properly and get them checked on a regular basis.

They must be stored in individual polyester or polyethylene envelopes. Also, ensure that they are not in direct contact with sulfur-containing materials. It is always preferable to store these items away from metals, including copper and manganese since they could damage the elastomer.

The Best-Suited Compound for Demanding Industrial Applications

Mil-G-83528 is the best option when your application calls for a conductive elastomer with exceptional shielding effectiveness, environmental reliability, and durability. This category of conductive silicone elastomers can fill these needs and adds value to your applications.

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