Hydraulic Seals for Improving the Performance of Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic seal is one of the most important components of hydraulic cylinders. The typical function of the seals is to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage from the cylinder. By doing so, the seals effectively rule out the need for replacing or rebuilding a damaged cylinder. They also keep foreign materials such as dirt, dust, weld […]

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3 Visual Inspections for Performance Evaluation of Your Hydraulic Cylinder

If the performance of your hydraulic cylinder has been dipping, it is important to check it for any physical defects. Some visual tests can help you ascertain the real problem. The results of the tests can help you gauge whether you need to replace or simply repair your hydraulic cylinder. 3 Quick Tests of Your […]

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Hydraulic Seals – Tips for Successful Installation

Hydraulic seal installation varies depending on the nature of applications. Whether the seal is being replaced as a maintenance procedure or being installed fresh in an application, different installation procedures might be followed. However, for both replacing and fresh installations, there are certain things in common that must be paid close attention to. The aim […]

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Commonly Used Elastomers for Manufacturing High Pressure Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals are generally used to seal rotating machine elements. They can be manufactured using several kinds of standard and special elastomers. However, selection of the right elastomer must be depended on several parameters, including operating temperature and operating medium, among others. This blog attempts to provide an overview of commonly used elastomers in […]

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What are the Commonly Used Materials to Manufacture Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic seals are exposed to varying temperature ranges, high pressures, harsh liquids, and chemicals when used in industrial applications. To offer unfailing performance in critical environments, they should be manufactured using quality tested raw materials. Since the quality of raw materials greatly determines the durability of the end product, it is important to select the […]

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Guidelines to Storing PTFE Backup Rings

Generally, many polymer products are stored for a long period of time in warehouses or factories before they are used in applications. The same is the case of PTFE backup rings. Many times, these products are stored haphazardly, leading to softening, hardening, cracking, and deforming of the rings. Hence, it is essential that PTFE rings […]

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Valley Seal – Authorized Distributor of Parker Metal Seals

Durable sealing systems are essential for applications in hostile industrial environments with high pressure and temperature. Also, high performing seals are inevitable for corrosive environments containing dusts, harsh chemicals, solvents, and other hydrocarbon solutions. For applications in such demanding environments, metal seals are the perfect choice. They are ruggedly built to meet the challenges of […]

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An Overview of Mil-G-83528 Conductive Elastomers

Mil-G-83528 is a category of highly conductive elastomers that is extensively used across consumer, telecommunications, automotive, and medical industries. This type of conductive elastomers is known for its exceptional heat stability and shielding properties, among many others. Owing to its superior attributes, it has become the perfect choice for applications demanding both environmental and EMI […]

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Installation of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Piston Seals – General Instructions

Piston seals are popularly used for closing gaps or sealing off joints in hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. They are designed to seal the cylinder bore and gland completely, thus preventing fluid from leaking out of the system. These seals have a decisive influence on the operation, performance, and longevity of your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. […]

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Parker O-Ring Kits and Accessories

Upgrading or repairing hydraulic and pneumatic components often require replacing O-ring seals. Sometimes, product manufacturers find it difficult to get the right O-ring sizes that meet their requirements. They may either wait a long time to get it delivered to their doorsteps, or they may experience problems due to unavailability of the right size. Hence, […]

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